Welcome to Crafty Silver.


I'm Dave. I design and make silver jewellery.


All pieces are designed by me and hand made using Sterling silver (Usually hallmarked)


The items on this page were specially made to order using the clients basic thoughts.


We sit down together and discuss ideas and make sketches until we are both happy with the final design.


If you would like something similar to what you see here, or a design using your own ideas, please Email me with your name and phone number, and I will call you to discuss your needs.



If you are a jewellery maker, would you like to exhibit your work? http://www.oo-shiny.co.uk/





Solid Sterling silver cufflinks with 2mm real Emeralds.

Other semi-precious gemstones available.





1 off -  Sold.




1 off -  Sold




Lab created Peridot CZ.


Other colour CZ or semi-precious gemstones available.















Lorna designs and makes textile art, and supplies threads n things to textile artists.


See her website - www.craftytextiles.com


Sometimes our 2 paths merge with interesting results.




Them pesky bugs is a bettin' bigger this year...





My name is Miranda Mermaid.


Miranda Mermaid.